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The Health Perks of Mindfulness

The Health Perks of Mindfulness

With today’s around-the-clock work schedules and professional demands, you may feel like you’re being pulled in a dozen different directions 24/7 – and multitasking is the rule rather than the exception. Under these conditions, taking time to be mindful is becoming more important than ever before. Mindfulness is a meditation …

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Healthy at Work

Standing Desks: Worth the Investment?

With today’s 24/7 schedules and unrelenting demands, it’s no surprise that Americans are trying to squeeze in activity anywhere they can. Some are even exploring nearly passive ways to work out – particularly since the vast majority of us spend most of our time sitting. Standing desks are becoming increasingly …

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Prioritizing Self-Care

6 Strategies for Coping with Change

Change is inevitable. You’ll inherit new responsibilities at work, your marriage may go through trials and your roles in life will shift. Even positive changes – a promotion, birth/adoption or new home – can cause inner turmoil. From personal shifts to a changing political climate, adjusting to a new normal …

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The Power of Gratitude

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or waking up to a brand-new day, taking stock of the riches in your life — both big and small — can go a long way toward bolstering health and well-being. Research shows that people who express gratitude are happier, more optimistic, and have stronger immune …

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Advocating for Your Health

6 Questions to Ask Your Physician

Discussing your concerns with your doctor isn’t always easy. You might find it difficult to explain how you’re feeling. You might be embarrassed to ask for clarification about your condition. You may even hide your symptoms because you’re afraid of what they might mean. Trouble is, in order to get …

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Health Equity

5 Ways to Personalize Your Journey to Wellness

Historically, the medical system would give each patient a standard prescription to ward off disease: Eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid toxic substances and find effective ways to manage stress. Do those things, and you’ll achieve wellness. Trouble is, health is not one-size-fits-all. Sadly, not everyone has the opportunity …

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Healthy Relationships

Finding Your Physician Soulmate

Searching for a physician is a little bit like shopping for your soulmate—and potentially with equally high stakes. While some doctor-patient relationships are short-lived (like the one with your obstetrician), others can span decades (like the one with your beloved primary care physician). In either case, developing a trusted relationship …

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Sexual Health

Contraception Confusion: The Facts on Birth Control

When it comes to avoiding an unplanned pregnancy, the rules are simple: either don’t have sex or use a form of birth control to prevent it. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. And that’s because many people only have part of the story. Around 90 percent of adults ages 18 …

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Making Healthy Choices

Vaping: Understanding the Rise Of E-Cigarettes

You may not have heard the term “vaping” before – slang for smoking an e-cigarette – but you’ve probably seen people doing it in everyday life. And if you haven’t, that will surely change. But what’s all the buzz about, and is vaping actually better for you than regular cigarettes? …

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Healthy Lifestyles

Thirdhand Smoke: More Danger When You Light Up

You may have heard of secondhand smoke, but did you know that smoke can be thirdhand? Roughly 42 million Americans use tobacco, but millions of nonsmokers are being affected, too. Here’s what you need to know to protect you and your family: Secondhand Smoke vs. Thirdhand Smoke: What’s the Difference? …

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