Healthy Holidays

Diabetes-Friendly Holidays

Even if you’ve been good all year long, the holiday season can wreak havoc on your healthful habits. With nearly six weeks of family feasts, cocktails and sweets — not to mention pressure to overindulge from well-meaning loved ones — it almost seems okay to be naughty instead of nice. …

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Healthy Eating

Meatless Mondays: A How-To Guide

America has been a “meat and potatoes” culture for decades, with the Midwest no exception. Chicken dinners and burgers, bacon and brats reign supreme, with meatless meals seemingly incomplete. The tide is now changing, though, as a growing number of Americans recognize the benefits of meat-free eating. Indeed, studies increasingly …

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Healthy Eating

Sugar Rush: Combat Your Cravings

Sugar cravings can be intense. In fact, studies show the sweet stuff may trigger some of the same changes in the brain as addictive substances like cocaine. And like the dangerous drug, the more you indulge, the more you crave. While you need some sugar to fuel your body and …

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The 5 Secrets to Mindful Eating

Most Americans eat on autopilot, often while performing other tasks on their jam-packed schedules. You grab breakfast on the go, wolf down lunch while responding to emails and eat dinner while watching TV or cheering on your kid’s Little League team. You might think you’re being productive, but the truth …

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Eating Well on a Budget

10 Strategies for Savvier Food Shopping

With costs continuing to rise for the basics (think food, shelter, health and education), tightening the purse strings at the grocery store is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, prices on typically low-cost items, including eggs, bread and milk are skyrocketing, too! The good news? There are countless ways to save on nutrient-rich …

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Healthy Eating Tips & Tricks

10 Health Foods That Won’t Break the Bank

In the age of the $8 smoothie, eating healthy on the cheap may seem like an impossibility. But fear not! There are a lot of health foods that come in inexpensive packages. In fact, the best choices often come with no package at all. Here are my 10 tasty picks …

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Heart Smart® Recipe

Healthy On-the-Go Snack Recipe

Busy professionals looking for a quick nibble before a long meeting. Parents shuttling kids between school and activities. Travelers not wanting to give in to fast-food temptation. Campers or hikers needing a quick energy fix. College students up late at night studying. In today’s hectic world, who doesn’t need portable, …

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Healthy Recipes

Too Many Tomatoes & Cucumbers in Your Garden?

If you’re a home gardener or just a frequent visitor to farmer’s markets and garden stands, you know that August is prime time in Michigan for tomatoes and cucumbers. Both are versatile, full of vitamins and excellent choices when you are trying to make sure to eat more fresh produce …

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Understanding Your Medications

When Food and Medicine Don’t Mix

Starting each day with a grapefruit or a banana for breakfast sounds healthy, right?  Turns out that if you are on certain blood pressure or cholesterol medications, these otherwise nutritious foods may cause dangerous interactions or decrease the effectiveness of the drugs you are relying on to keep you healthy. …

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Fruits & Veggies

Saving Your Summer Harvest: Tips For Canning & Freezing

Summer is the perfect time to not only recharge your batteries, but also to stock up on those homegrown goodies from your backyard (or from your local farmers market)! The goal of canning and freezing all of the bounty that Mother Nature – and your green thumb – have created …

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