Making Healthy Choices
What 7 Food Labels Really Mean

Organic? Cage-Free? What 7 Food Labels Actually Mean

From nutrition data to health claims and certifications it can be tough to differentiate fact from fluff when it comes to food labels. Certain terms, such as “organic” and “gluten-free,” are strictly regulated by agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). …

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Eating Healthy
Salad Saviors

Salad Saviors: Power Foods for Your Greens

From the base to the fixins’, there are lots of ways to supercharge your salad. You just have to know where to start. Here are some must-have power foods to never leave off of your lettuce: The base: A good rule of thumb when choosing a base lettuce for your …

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Healthy Weeknight Dinners
Better-Than-Takeout Chicken and Peanut Lo Mein Recipe & Video

VIDEO: Better-Than-Takeout Chicken & Peanut Lo Mein Recipe

On a busy weeknights, the “What’s for dinner?” question can be the toughest one to answer. It’s not easy to get healthy meals on the table while managing a busy schedule of work, school, extracurricular activities, social commitments or whatever it is that keeps you on the go. Many of …

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Understanding Nutrition
Everything You Need to Know About Gluten

Everything You Need to Know About Gluten

In recent years, gluten has become something of a buzzword in nutrition circles. Fortunately, most people tolerate gluten just fine. However, there is a small subset of the population in which consuming gluten can lead to significant health problems. One out of every 100 Americans suffers from an autoimmune condition …

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Healthy Eating
Fresh Ways to Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh Ways to Use Fresh Herbs

If you grow herbs in your garden or buy them fresh from local farms and farmers’ markets, there are limitless ways to enjoy them in foods and beverages. They are a great way to add flavor without adding fat, salt and added calories. “Herbs add bright flavor to just about …

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Digestive Disorders
Help for IBS: Low FODMAP diet

Help for IBS Sufferers: What is a Low FODMAP Diet?

No one likes not feeling well. If you’re living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then you probably are no stranger to feeling off your game because of stomach pains. IBS can cause painful bloating, gas, and changes in your bowel movements – most often caused by the things you eat. …

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Healthy Desserts

VIDEO: Triple Berry Hot Milk Sponge Cake Recipe

Dessert doesn’t have to be totally decadent and extravagant to be enjoyable. Sometimes letting simple ingredients shine — like a mix of seasonal berries and a moist sponge cake — can be all you need. If you’ve never heard of hot milk cake, it’s a Depression-era dessert that was popular …

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Heart Health
5 Ways a Plant-Based Diet Helps Your Heart

5 Ways a Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Heart

It seems there’s always a new diet or food trend out there advertising ways to help you lose weight fast, look younger or have more energy. But dieting is more than just what you eat – it is how you live your life. I view a person’s eating habits as …

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Weight Loss Tips
10 Ways to Uncover Hidden Calories

10 Ways to Cut Hidden Calories from Your Day

Compared to other countries, America is obsessed with food. Our value-based culture supersizes convenience foods, multitasks through meals and keeps snacks on hand to devour when hunger — or boredom — strikes. In fact, food plays a starring role in nearly everything we do, even at the office. Of course, …

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Health Trends
Alkaline Water: Help or Hype?

Alkaline Water: Health Drink or All Hype?

We all know that drinking plenty of water each day can help your body thrive and keep illness at bay. In fact, proper hydration is necessary for nearly every bodily function. Now, though, a product dubbed alkaline water is making waves, with proponents claiming it can balance your body’s pH, …

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