Preventing Addiction
4 Things You Should Know Before Taking Your Opioid Prescription

6 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Opioid Prescription

Opioids are highly addictive drugs that act on the brain to alleviate pain. They include opioid medications that doctors prescribe to relieve pain after serious injury or surgery, as well as illicit drugs such as heroin. Examples of prescription opioids include oxycodone, morphine, codeine, fentanyl and hydrocodone (commonly known as …

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Understanding Health Risks

Does Using Deodorant Increase Your Cancer Risk?

In recent years, rumors have swirled that suggest deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer, specifically breast cancer. And while the National Cancer Institute says there’s no conclusive evidence to back up that statement, plenty of women – and men – are still concerned about underarm odor control products. Your armpits are …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Pediatric Eye Exam: Does Your Child Need One?

When you hear about an eye exam for your child, you may be thinking: “Wait. Didn’t my kid already have one of these? Isn’t that what the nurse did at school?” Not exactly. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding regular pediatric vision screenings and comprehensive pediatric eye exams, the two …

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Breast Cancer Awareness

6 Breast Cancer Myths, Solved

Any cancer diagnosis brings with it a lot of fear, and a lot of questions. For many, a diagnosis is unfamiliar, and people may resort to trusting information they may have heard or read. Unfortunately, some of this information regarding cancer and treatment may be inaccurate or incomplete. Lisa Newman, …

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World Smile Day
The Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

Whether you call it a grin, smirk, beam or smile, there’s no denying the feel-good power of this happy facial expression. We are born with the ability to smile, yet as we age, we smile less often. Research shows that children smile an average of 400 times per day, compared …

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Stress and Anxiety
Advice for Coping After a Violent Tragedy

Advice for Coping After a Violent Tragedy

Dealing with tragedies – such as the recent shooting in Las Vegas – is a process, says a Henry Ford Health System psychologist who has worked with many patients exposed to shocking violence. Police estimate a lone gunman killed more than 50 people and injured more than 400 attending a …

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Skin Care

Living with Eczema: 3 Ways to Manage It Better

As the months start to get colder, many of us find that our skin tends to become dry and even a little itchy. However, if you notice an itchy rash that appears on your skin and doesn’t seem to go away, a doctor should look at it to determine if …

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Immunization Advice

4 Reasons Vaccines Are Crucial (Even for Adults)

Getting immunized against infectious diseases is an important part of staying healthy, even for adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), though, vaccination rates in adults are much lower than children. Those rates remain below the targeted immunization rates, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human …

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Freedom from Smoking
Ready to Quit Tobacco? Here's How to Get Started

Ready to Quit Tobacco? How to Get Started

Quitting an addiction like smoking or chewing tobacco is not easy for a number of reasons, both physical and mental. Finding the motivation to quit is important – and health reasons are often top of the list, as they should be. Did you know how quickly your body begins to …

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Better Sleep
Can 30 More Minutes of Sleep a Day Overcome a Sleep Deficit?

Can 30 More Minutes of Sleep a Day Make a Difference?

With today’s around-the-clock demands, the vast majority of Americans are operating with a sleep deficit. That’s a problem because the human body requires sufficient rest to function at its best. The good news: According to a recent study, you may not have to get the recommended seven to nine hours …

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