Heart Health

Returning to Life After a Heart Attack

Having a heart attack can be one of the most frightening experiences many people endure. The pain and fear in that moment, the worry of the unknown and the desperation to reevaluate your life are all difficult challenges to surmount. Another tough climb that comes after suffering a heart attack …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

You might think too little shuteye is primarily an adult dilemma, but it turns out many kids are sleep deprived too. When children aren’t sleeping well, they’re more prone to act out and suffer from learning and behavioral problems. Their immune systems may take a hit, too, making them more …

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Woman practicing meditation

6 Ways to Get Started with Meditation

There are many ways to relax and clear one’s head, but few have a more measurable impact than meditation. Often described as “thinking about not thinking,” meditation helps the body and mind unwind. In fact, a growing body of research suggests that meditating for as few as 10 minutes a …

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Coping with Cancer

How to Share (Or Not Share) a Cancer Diagnosis

Learning you have cancer is a life-changing event. It’s scary, painful, and both physically and emotionally demanding. Once you come to terms with your cancer diagnosis, one of the many things you have to think about is whether to tell others – and how to go about it. The way …

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Immunization Updates

Vaccinations: Are Your Kids Up to Date?

Appropriate vaccination plays a key role in your child’s (and the population’s) health and well-being. Not only do immunizations protect against the spread of serious illnesses from polio to measles, they can also help families sidestep the seasonal flu. For those reasons, and others, vaccinations may be the most important …

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Understanding Heart Health
heart flutter, atrial fibrillation

What is Heart Flutter?

The human heart is strong. Each day, it beats an average of 100,000 times, pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout the body. And by age 70, your heart will have beat more than 2.5 billion (yes, billion) times. While arguably one of the most important muscles in the body, …

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why It Matters)

When you’re a kid, making friends is seamless. You meet at the park or at school, play together and before long, you’ve got a new bestie. Most of us also made friends easily enough in college, or at early jobs, when everyone’s doing the same thing at more or less …

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American Heart Month

4 Ways Heart Disease Affects Men & Women Differently

As the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States, heart disease is something everyone should take seriously. What was once thought of as a “man’s disease,” this devastating condition affects both sexes without bias – and accounts for one in four deaths each year. …

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Understanding Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea Basics: 4 FAQs Answered

If your bed partner complains about your loud snoring—or you frequently wake yourself up with a snort—a condition called sleep apnea could be the culprit. “Sleep apnea is a condition where you briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep,” says Meeta Singh, M.D., a sleep medicine expert at Henry Ford …

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Fighting Infections Safely

Avoiding Antibiotic Overuse

This time of year, bugs and germs are front and center, and unfortunately bacteria thrive during the winter chill. So while we gather indoors to escape the frigid temperatures, cocoon on the couch and watch award shows and Monday night football, the transmission of bacteria between friends is almost a …

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