Planning Ahead
Advance Directives 101

Advance Directive 101: Your Common Q’s Answered

You’ve probably heard the term advance directive. You may even have one. If you do, you know the peace you experience after making those important decisions about your end-of-life care. If you’ve been putting off your advance directive, now is an excellent time to learn more and then take the …

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Wellness Tips
How to Wake Up and Wind Down the Right Way

Better Sleep: How to Wake Up and Wind Down the Right Way

If you’re like many Americans, your busy life often keeps your mind and body racing all day long. You hit snooze when the alarm sounds, slog through the work day and scroll through social media late into the night in an attempt to quiet your chattering mind. Unfortunately, those activities …

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Cancer Treatment
What to bring to chemo

10 Things to Bring to Chemotherapy

When facing a cancer diagnosis, there are many new experiences on the horizon–and many of them can seem scary. Fortunately, your first chemotherapy appointment doesn’t have to be one of them. “When you first come to chemo, you might feel anxious, depressed or afraid—that’s all normal,” says Deneen Ruiz, clinical …

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Cancer Screening Info
colonscopy ready

How to Get (Mentally and Physically) Colonoscopy Ready

It’s one of the most dreaded screenings on people’s healthcare to-do lists. Colonoscopy time. Often the anticipation — and a little unpleasantness as you prep — is much worse than the actual test. Here’s why getting over that mental hurdle and getting it done is so important: Colorectal cancer is …

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Getting Better Sleep
daylight saving time sleep advice

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time arrives this Sunday, March 10, and while setting your clocks ahead an hour is unavoidable, you can minimize the sleep disruptions and groggy days sometimes associated with it. These proactive tips may help: Make an effort to be well-rested going into the week of the time change. …

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How laughter helps your heart health; laughing woman

How Laughter Benefits Your Heart Health

When’s the last time you had a good laugh? Not just a little giggle, but the kind of laugh that makes your abdomen hurt or even tears form in your eyes? Not only does laughter make you feel good, but it is proven to have positive effects on your mental …

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Understanding Your Mental Health
Hangxiety: The connection between alcohol and anxiety

Hangxiety: The Link Between Anxiety and Alcohol

Drink long enough — or hard enough — and you’re probably familiar with the dreadful feeling that comes the morning after a night of over-imbibing. Maybe you try to replay the evening’s conversations in your mind or scroll through text messages to make sure you didn’t send something you regret. …

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Cancer Screenings
Should I Get a Lung Cancer Screening?

Should I Get a Lung Cancer Screening?

Some facts about cancer are more well known than others. For example, you may know that skin cancer is the most common cancer among both men and women. You may also be familiar with mammograms and colonoscopies and their importance in cancer screening. And when it comes to lung cancer, …

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Understanding Your Body
Close-up of eye twitch

Eye Twitches: What Are They and How Can You Stop Them?

You’re going through your work day, when all of a sudden your eyelid begins twitching. It might go away in a couple of minutes. Or this little unwanted guest could return and stay on and off for days, even weeks. An eye twitch, also known as myokymia, is a painless …

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Heart Health
3 Experts Share Their Top Heart Health Advice

3 Experts Share Their Top Heart Health Advice

Your heart is responsible for many functions of your body. But if your ticker starts to have problems, the whole machine can fall apart. While there are many things you can educate yourself on related to heart health – including heart murmurs, heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest – it …

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