Family Wellness

Create a Healthy Back-to-School Routine

After a summer of sun, fun, family festivities and outdoor activities, getting back into the school groove can be tricky. Kids and adults alike may struggle with starting a new routine, particularly one that involves keeping everyone in the family healthy, fit and strong — not to mention up and …

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Looking & Feeling Good

Is Your Love of Fashion Hurting Your Health?

For centuries, women (and men!) have sacrificed health and wellness for beauty and fashion. Sure, today’s hottest trends may look great, but as anyone who has squeezed into skinny jeans or spent eight hours in stilettos can tell you, following suit can lead to misery. You might be willing to …

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Wellness at Work

Reduce Stress: 8 Tips to Zen Your Workspace

If your desk is cluttered with piles of papers, sticky notes, knick-knacks and office supplies, chances are, you’re wasting time, energy and suffering from mental overload. In fact, every distraction—from the stacks of papers on your desk to a ringing phone—can drain your productivity and create undue stress, which can …

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Safe Sleep for Infants

Sleep Position Is Important for Baby’s Health

Did you know that an average of 140 babies die each year in Michigan due to unsafe sleep practices known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? It is a tragedy when any baby dies, especially of SIDS. Researchers have learned that a segment of these SIDS deaths are, in fact, …

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Sexual Health

Contraception Confusion: The Facts on Birth Control

When it comes to avoiding an unplanned pregnancy, the rules are simple: either don’t have sex or use a form of birth control to prevent it. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. And that’s because many people only have part of the story. Around 90 percent of adults ages 18 …

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Incontinence in Women

Go Ahead and Laugh

As women age, it’s no secret that their bodies change, but some of the changes can seem a little embarrassing. Not being able to make it to the bathroom or leaking urine when you sneeze or laugh are a problems that so many women have experienced, but most choose not …

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Healthy Aging

Seniors and STDs: Safe Sex As You Age

Stereotypes of how the elderly spend their time may include activities like doing crossword puzzles, knitting or playing Bingo. But in reality, aging in today’s world is different than it may have been in previous generations. Many seniors are more active and social than ever. And the senior community is …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Explaining The Birds & The Bees in the Digital Age

There are few things that will make you squirm as much as talking to your kids about sex. “The Talk,” as it’s often called, usually involves more than its fair share of blush-worthy moments. But long gone are the days of your parents’ awkward speech about the birds and bees. …

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Making Healthy Choices

Vaping: Understanding the Rise Of E-Cigarettes

You may not have heard the term “vaping” before – slang for smoking an e-cigarette – but you’ve probably seen people doing it in everyday life. And if you haven’t, that will surely change. But what’s all the buzz about, and is vaping actually better for you than regular cigarettes? …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Talking To Kids About Weight & Body Image In The Digital Age

Talking to your kids about weight and body image is hard enough. Now add the information they’re constantly bombarded with every day online, on television and on social media – and your job just got a lot tougher. But for all the complications the digital age presents in having these …

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