Exercise Ideas & Tips
woman doing core exercises for back pain

Living with Back Pain? 5 Core Exercises You Need

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain on a routine basis. This problem increases with age, as bone mass diminishes, muscles stiffen, and discs begin to lose fluid and flexibility. If you’re overweight and mostly sedentary, you’re at even greater risk of developing back problems. The good news: relief for …

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Fitness Ideas & Tips

Stay Fit with Easy Desk Exercises

Experts agree, sitting in a chair all day is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Yet, many of us are glued to our desks 8-10 hours a day. By the time you get home, your metabolism has slowed and you’re low on energy, so you …

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Staying Fit

Cold Outside? Here’s Your Indoor Workout Guide

When the sun rises after you wake up and sets before you eat dinner, your outdoor-workout habit takes a hit. Instead of an after-work run, you opt for hibernating in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. And it’s not just the cold and dark keeping you …

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styles of yoga

7 Styles of Yoga: A Handy Glossary

For an ancient practice, yoga remains popular in modern times. A growing number of Americans take yoga classes, seeking everything from a more toned body to a more relaxed mental state. Studies confirm that practicing yoga can help build strong bones, keep your body supple and fit, even lift depression …

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Fitness Ideas & Tips
winter exercise

5 Ways to Enjoy Winter (and Burn Calories)

The winter chill has officially arrived. While you may be tempted to crawl under the covers and wait for spring, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy only when it’s cold outside. In fact, given the upcoming holiday season (and the temptations of celebratory meals and treats!), there’s no …

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Raising Healthy Kids
sports injuries

Sports Injuries & Student Athletes: A Parent’s Guide

Playing sports is a great way for children of all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn valuable life lessons, like working as a team, the value of hard work and practice, and confidence. While it may be every sports fanatic’s dream to have their kid make it big …

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Understanding Your Body
exercise-induced headaches

4 Reasons You’re Getting Exercise-Induced Headaches

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a Zumba expert, headaches caused by exercise are painful and frustrating – especially when you’re just trying to do something good for yourself. While rarer than general headaches or migraines, exercise-induced headaches still happen, and you should first see a doctor to rule out …

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Fitness Trends

6 Reasons to Try a Rowing Workout

First Spin classes took the gym world by storm; then fitness enthusiasts focused their attention on dance-inspired workouts like Zumba and barre. The latest craze hitting the gym circuit: rowing. Technically of course rowing itself isn’t new, but rowing studios and classes are, and these are cropping up across the …

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Staying Active

Goal: Family Fitness

The start of the school year is hectic for parents and kids alike. Between keeping up with school work and maintaining a busy social calendar, it’s easy to put fitness on the back burner. I’ve found that many families have a hard time fitting in fitness when things ramp up …

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Active Lifestyles
olympic sports

Fun & Fitness: Olympic Sports Anyone Can Try

Have you caught Olympic fever? The Summer Games are in full swing, and you already know Olympic sports like beach volleyball, swimming, basketball and track-and-field offer heart-pumping perks. But consider the not-shown-in-primetime events, like archery, trampolining, or even discontinued sports like tug-of-war. These are full of potential for backyard fun …

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