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How Clear Is Your Skin? 6 Common Culprits

How Clear Is Your Skin? 6 Common Culprits

Clear skin doesn’t just magically happen. A multitude of factors converge to determine whether your complexion is bright and smooth, or dull and bumpy. “Age, hormones, stress and medications can all affect your skin’s appearance,” explains Anna Axelson, M.D., a dermatologist at Henry Ford Health System. “Other things that people …

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Healthy Skin & Grooming
Growing & Maintaining a Beard: A How-to Guide

Growing & Maintaining Your Beard: A How-To Guide

Beards are definitely in right now. Even for those not following facial-hair trends, many men switch up their look for winter, going from a clean-shaven face to a full beard. And no-shave November (which focuses on cancer) and Movember (created to bring awareness to men’s health issues) have made growing …

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Healthy Skin Care

DIY Facials: Your Kitchen’s Best Skin Care Products

One of the secrets to obtaining a youthful glow is loving the skin you’re in. And while pampering yourself with regular facials can cultivate clearer, smoother skin and fewer wrinkles, it’s also tough on the pocketbook. The upshot: out-of-the-box, at-home remedies can soothe and nourish your skin at a fraction …

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Knowing Your Body
What Your Hair Says About Your Health

Your Hair May Hold Clues About Your Health

While your hair may attract the attention of others, it may be worth your own attention, too. If you experience changes in your hair’s texture, thickness and overall condition, it may be sending you clues about an underlying health condition. “Sudden changes, such as a significant loss of hair, are …

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Skin Cancer Prevention
6 Unexpected Sources of Sun Damage

6 Unexpected Sources of Sun Damage

Heading to the beach or an outdoor barbecue? Chances are good that you don a hat and sunglasses and apply sun protection like SPF 30+ lotion, cream or spray. Unfortunately, sun damage can also creep in when you’re least expecting it. That’s one reason dermatologists recommend wearing sun protection every …

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Cosmetic Treatments

Is This New Solution for Hair Loss Right for You?

Some say bald is beautiful, or simply don’t mind a little hair thinning. But if you ask others experiencing hair loss, they will tell you it can be embarrassing and make them self-conscious. They throw on hats, try different hairstyles or use camouflage products and toupees to disguise their thinning …

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Parenting an Adolescent
teen acne

Parents: Help Take the Trauma Out of Teen Acne

As if the teen years aren’t troubling enough, up to 90 percent of individuals in this age group also have to deal with skin eruptions and acne. While your own teenager’s skin issues may seem relatively minor to you, understand that even a small breakout can be a big blow …

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Raising Healthy Kids
Sun Protection for Kids

How to Protect Your Kids from the Sun

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun no matter what your age. However, children are especially vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. Beyond the burning, itching and pain, sunburns among kids under 18 dramatically increase the risk of developing skin cancer as they age. In fact, even a child …

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Taking Care of Your Skin
Choosing the Right Beauty Products

Choose the Best Beauty Products for Your Skin

Whether you’re a cosmetics junkie always on top of the latest trends, or a minimalist who likes to stick with a few trusted basics, beauty products can be our best friends when it comes to keeping our skin healthy. They also help us look and feel our best and express …

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Cosmetic Procedures
What to Do About Double Chin

What to Do About a Double Chin

Selfies have made us hyper aware of our favorite features and our flaws – like the dreaded “double chin.” Because this pocket of fat can be caused by extra weight, aging or genetics, even a person of normal weight can have one. According to Alison Boucher, M.D., a Henry Ford …

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