Coping with Cancer

How to Share (Or Not Share) a Cancer Diagnosis

Learning you have cancer is a life-changing event. It’s scary, painful, and both physically and emotionally demanding. Once you come to terms with your cancer diagnosis, one of the many things you have to think about is whether to tell others – and how to go about it. The way …

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why It Matters)

When you’re a kid, making friends is seamless. You meet at the park or at school, play together and before long, you’ve got a new bestie. Most of us also made friends easily enough in college, or at early jobs, when everyone’s doing the same thing at more or less …

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Healthy Relationships

Mending Fences After a High-Tension Election

Now that America has chosen a president, it’s time to rebuild relationships affected by one of the most acrimonious elections in modern history, says Henry Ford Health System psychologist Michael Ryan. Dr. Ryan says mending broken fences is possible with a co-worker, family member or friends, starting with empathy. “If …

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