Parenting Advice

Positive Discipline: 10 Alternatives To Spanking

Several decades ago, spanking was widely considered an acceptable parental response to poor behavior. But years of research show that laying a hand on a child is not only ineffective, it could also cause long-term damage. In fact, last December, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a statement explaining …

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Keeping Your Family Healthy
Antibiotic Use in Kids

Antibiotics in Kids: Your Questions Answered

When your child gets sick, it’s natural to want to act fast to stop the suffering and halt the spread of the illness through the family. The obvious solution for most situations: Antibiotics. But not all illnesses require antibiotics. In fact, antibiotics are useless against two of the most common …

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Raising Healthy Kids
A Prescription for Play

A Prescription to Play

Studies consistently show that play is critical to healthy physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Play helps children learn how to interact with others appropriately and builds relationships. Play is so important, in fact, that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now encourages all pediatricians to write prescriptions for play …

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Raising Healthy Kids
The Pros and Cons of Screen Time: How to Manage Your Child's Screen Use

The Pros & Cons of Screen Time: How to Manage Your Child’s Use

Screen use among kids has exploded over the past decade — not only outside of school, but also as an (often required) educational tool. Between homework, social media, video games and YouTube videos, many kids rack up six or seven hours of screen time daily. Living in a virtual world …

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Teaching Healthy Habits
Energy Drinks & Kids

Energy Drinks and Kids: What You Should Know

Energy drinks are the fastest growing beverage in the U.S. market. With promises to energize you (even you stayed up too late studying or goofing off on your phone), these drinks are especially popular among young people. In fact, a growing number of kids and teens are turning to energy …

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Your Child's Health Needs
Pediatric Well Visit

How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Well Visit

Back-to-school season often brings kids to the pediatrician for annual well visits. Whether your child is getting cleared for school, ensuring she’s in top shape to participate in sports or receiving necessary vaccinations, it’s important for parents and kids alike to make the most of the visit. Key Questions for …

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