Understanding Your Body
Close-up of eye twitch

Eye Twitches: What Are They and How Can You Stop Them?

You’re going through your work day, when all of a sudden your eyelid begins twitching. It might go away in a couple of minutes. Or this little unwanted guest could return and stay on and off for days, even weeks. An eye twitch, also known as myokymia, is a painless …

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Technology & Health
autonomous vehicle

Can Autonomous Vehicles Improve Our Health?

Think about the last time you drove. Was your phone still glued to your hand? Were you in a rush? How many other people did you spy with their eyes off the road? Today, distracted driving is the leading factor in most auto crashes and near crashes, according to the …

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Taking Care of Your Eyes
Summer Eye Protection: Reduce Your Risk for Injury or Vision Loss

The 10 Essential Tips for Summer Eye Protection

Once summer arrives and Michiganders fully come out of hibernation, it can be tempting to make up for lost time, and go out and enjoy the weather without abandon – hit the beach, dust off that home improvement project, maybe join a pickup basketball game. But take care. “Summer activities …

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Taking Care of Your Eyes
Contact Lens Complications: Are You at Risk?

Contact Lens Problems: Are You At Risk?

Ever fallen asleep with your contact lenses in? Or been less than vigilant about swapping out for fresh saline solution? Or maybe you wore a set of lenses longer than recommended, you know, to try to stretch out that prescription. Everybody does it, right? Unfortunately, while these are common practices, …

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Upping Your Game
Athletes Turn to LASIK for Their Performance

Athletes Look to LASIK for Their Best Performance

In Any Given Sunday, the popular football movie from the late 1990s, Al Pacino’s coach character, Tony D’Amato, gives a rousing speech about football being a game of inches. But what happens when you can’t see those inches clearly? In the case of one prominent Detroit Lions lineman, he had …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Pediatric Eye Exam: Does Your Child Need One?

When you hear about an eye exam for your child, you may be thinking: “Wait. Didn’t my kid already have one of these? Isn’t that what the nurse did at school?” Not exactly. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding regular pediatric vision screenings and comprehensive pediatric eye exams, the two …

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Protecting Your Eyesight
The Solar Eclipse and Eye Safety

The Solar Eclipse and Your Eye Safety

As you have undoubtedly heard, a rare total solar eclipse will be visible across the United States on Monday, Aug. 21. The eclipse occurs when the moon’s orbit takes it into a path between the sun and the earth where it will completely obstruct the image of the bright sun. …

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Maintaining Eye Health

Is It Seasonal Allergies – or Dry Eye Disease?

Now that spring has arrived, seasonal allergies are blooming along with the flowers. However, recent research suggests that seasonal allergies are not the only condition that gets worse due to increased amounts of pollen, mold and other particles in the air. Researchers have found that the number of dry eye …

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Healthy Aging
eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery for Seniors May Reduce Fall Risk

When winter arrives, so does the annual grumbling over the weather, the fight to stave off seasonal affective disorder, and the increased risk for falls due to slippery conditions. For seniors, it is even worse. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of falling increases with each …

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Looking & Feeling Good

Is Your Love of Fashion Hurting Your Health?

For centuries, women (and men!) have sacrificed health and wellness for beauty and fashion. Sure, today’s hottest trends may look great, but as anyone who has squeezed into skinny jeans or spent eight hours in stilettos can tell you, following suit can lead to misery. You might be willing to …

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