Fitness Ideas & Tips

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Workout

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and you’re slowly beginning to shed layers of clothing. And while many people view the season as a time to declutter, host a garage sale or clean out closets and kitchens, it’s also a …

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Fitness Advice

7 Tips for Weekend Warrior Athletes

The term “weekend warrior” has long held a somewhat negative connotation. It’s meant to describe someone who exercises only on weekends. If you play golf on Saturdays and hit the gym on Sundays, but remained chained to your desk the rest of the week you could fall into this category. …

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Living with Epilepsy

10 Life Hacks for Living With Epilepsy

The daily grind can tax anyone, but when you have epilepsy, you face challenges in your life that most don’t. From the fear of seizures and nasty falls to recurring anxiety and stress, living with epilepsy can be downright overwhelming at times. However, there are ways to manage, diminish and …

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