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food bank donations

Food Bank Donations: What to Give

Food drives and the holidays go hand-in-hand. And while any food bank donation is a nice way to spread holiday cheer, the most prized contribution is cash—and not because of its frivolous spending potential. The reality is, the food bank can stretch your dollar farther than you can. So for …

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight
A table set for people dining out.

6 Tips for Dining Out Healthfully

Whether you’re enjoying a business lunch, eating dinner with a special someone or zipping through the fast food line to ensure the kids get fed before bed, dining out is as American as apple pie. Unfortunately, most restaurant dining presents a major challenge for anyone who is trying to slim down …

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Nutrition Advice

How to Build a Better Sandwich

Sandwiches are a staple of many Americans’ daily diets, and it’s no wonder: Throwing one together makes busy mornings easier. Plus, a sandwich is an ideal way to package a meal’s worth of nutrition into one tidy bundle. A solid sandwich packs enough punch to easily serve as breakfast, lunch, …

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Quick, Healthy Meals

Is Shrimp the New Chicken?

Shrimp ranks among Americans’ favorite seafood. While the mini-crustaceans may be small, they pack big nutritional punch. A bonus: One jumbo shrimp supplies only 14 calories, which means a half-dozen (about 3 oz.) add up to 84 calories—about 15 less than a 3-ounce chicken breast (about the size of a …

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Better Nutrition

Healthy Hacks: 10 Food Swaps that Don’t Sacrifice Flavor

You might think cooking and eating more healthfully means a total change in the dishes you love and the ingredients you normally use. But the reality is that there are tons of food swaps that help you keep the flavor with less fat, fewer calories, and more nutrients. “It can …

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Nutrition Tips

Healthy Summer Snacks That Satisfy

Snacking throughout the day may seem like a bad diet idea, but good-for-you snacks provide the body and brain with needed fuel. And you need to power up for all those summertime activities, like beach excursions, mountain hikes and sunset walks. “Eating something healthy every three to four hours prevents …

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Healthy Snacks

LiveWell Wednesdays: Skinny Oatmeal Bars Recipe

Granola bars. Breakfast bars. Energy bars. We’re not exactly sure how to categorize these soft-baked oatmeal bars. Whatever you call them, though, they are a delicious way to snack or to fuel up before or after a workout. With store-bought brands of any of these kind of bars, you need …

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Easy, Healthy Meals

LiveWell Wednesdays: Pulled Chicken Sliders Recipe

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to a typical burger and barbecue fare, these pulled chicken sliders couldn’t be easier. They’re also a great meal for a busy weeknight because you can throw the ingredients in the slow cooker, let it simmer all day and assemble the sliders …

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Cooking Demos & Recipes

LiveWell Wednesdays: Fruit Pizza

No delivery required! This fruit pizza is a healthy dessert or snack that adults and kids alike will love. Topped with fresh berries and kiwi, it’s as vitamin-packed as it is pretty and vibrant on the plate. FRUIT PIZZA Yield: 24 squares Ingredients for your Kroger shopping list: Vegetable oil …

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Healthy Celebrations

Mother’s Day Her Way: 6 Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas

Sure, brunch is a Mother’s Day staple. But this year, instead of making reservations, consider serving breakfast in bed. After all, few things are more indulgent to an overworked mom than sleeping past 7 a.m. Whip up a healthy breakfast (quietly), clean up your mess, then deliver the goods on …

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