Healthy Eating
What doctors and health professionals eat for breakfast

What’s for Breakfast? 7 Health Professionals Share

Breakfast is one of the best ways to jumpstart your day and fuel your body. The difference between eating breakfast or not can be drastic – and it can either set you up for a day of success or a drowsy, sluggish one. But many of us don’t have a …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

You might think too little shuteye is primarily an adult dilemma, but it turns out many kids are sleep deprived too. When children aren’t sleeping well, they’re more prone to act out and suffer from learning and behavioral problems. Their immune systems may take a hit, too, making them more …

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Immunization Updates

Vaccinations: Are Your Kids Up to Date?

Appropriate vaccination plays a key role in your child’s (and the population’s) health and well-being. Not only do immunizations protect against the spread of serious illnesses from polio to measles, they can also help families sidestep the seasonal flu. For those reasons, and others, vaccinations may be the most important …

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Potty-Training Tips
toddler constipation

Resolving Toddler Constipation: Do’s and Don’ts

It’s a common toilet-training roadblock: children have no trouble peeing in the potty, but when it comes to poop, well, that’s a different obstacle. Some kids are so averse to pooping on the potty they hold bowel movements, which can cause chronic and sometimes severe constipation. Over time, hard stools …

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Kids and Healthy Sleep

Promoting Good Sleep Habits For Your Child

Conventional wisdom says most people require eight hours of sleep per night. But for children, it’s really closer to 8-10 hours. Their growing bodies and active lifestyle makes it even more crucial for them to get sufficient shut eye, but how do you get them to get on board? Here …

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Kids and Screen Time

2 Hours Of Screen Time For Your Child: The Pros And Cons

Today’s children spend an average of three hours per day watching television. If you add in the additional screen time provided by smartphones, tablets and computers, the total can be a whopping 5-7 hours. Limiting screen time to no more than two hours per day could be the key to …

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