Healthy Skin & Grooming
Growing & Maintaining a Beard: A How-to Guide

Growing & Maintaining Your Beard: A How-To Guide

Beards are definitely in right now. Even for those not following facial-hair trends, many men switch up their look for winter, going from a clean-shaven face to a full beard. And no-shave November (which focuses on cancer) and Movember (created to bring awareness to men’s health issues) have made growing …

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Men's Health
Men's Health: 4 Women's Health Conditions That Affect Men Too

4 Women’s Health Conditions That Affect Men Too

Whether it’s a harlequin romance, a detergent commercial or a standup comedy routine, our culture loves to generalize about the differences between men and women. But in some respects, when it comes to health and wellness, men and women often face similar issues. Still, many forget that conditions commonly thought …

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Reproductive Medicine
Busting 8 Myths About Fertility

Busting 3 Common Myths About Fertility

When scrolling through the adorable pictures of babies on social media, you might be tempted to believe that getting pregnant is always easy. While it may come naturally for some, it’s much more of a challenge for those who struggle with infertility. In general, infertility is defined as not being …

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Understanding Your Health
Men's Health: Advice for Each Age and Stage

Men’s Health: Advice for Each Age and Stage

The oldest people in the world are clear about one thing: Avoiding aging is an impossible feat. Whether you’re a man or woman, the goal is to embrace getting older and take steps throughout your life to stay at the top of your game – both physically and mentally. Men …

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Cancer Screenings
New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines: What You Need to Know

New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Recently, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force updated its guidelines for prostate cancer screening. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed in men, and has the second highest rate of mortality – so staying up to date on the latest recommendations is important for your health. Craig Rogers, M.D., …

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Breast Cancer Awareness
The Facts About Male Breast Cancer

The Facts About Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more often associated with women – and for obvious reasons. Many of us know someone – a sister, friend, coworker or other relative who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point during …

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Healthy Relationships
STI conversation

How to Talk About an STI

Sexual intimacy is an important way to express love and affection for that special someone. But such expressions might come at a cost. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more sexually transmitted infections (STIs) were reported last year than ever before. Scary, right? Yet, many people …

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Cancer Awareness
Man and woman receive news about bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer: Know the Basics

Part of the urinary system, the bladder is a muscular, multi-layered sac that stores urine and signals to our brains when it’s time to go (which is better than the alternative of urinating involuntarily). Like all of our organs, our bladders are crucial for keeping our bodies healthy and functioning …

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American Heart Month

4 Ways Heart Disease Affects Men & Women Differently

As the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States, heart disease is something everyone should take seriously. What was once thought of as a “man’s disease,” this devastating condition affects both sexes without bias – and accounts for one in four deaths each year. …

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Sexual Health
men's sexual problems

Beyond ED: Understanding 6 Sexual Problems for Men

Just about every man will have some sort of sexual problem during his lifetime – but not nearly enough of them will discuss them with their doctors, or even their partners. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, which is trouble getting or maintaining an erection, gets a lot of attention, but many …

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