Antibiotic Resistance
Shorter Duration of Antibiotics May Be More Effective

Shorter Duration of Some Antibiotics May Be Better for You

Do you really need to take those antibiotics for 10-14 days or will five days do? Some providers are changing the way they prescribe antibiotics, based on evidence-based national research, and are recommending a shorter duration of three to seven days in place of the standard duration of seven to …

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Understanding Your Mental Health
Do Your Medication's Side Effects Include Depression? Young woman taking a pill with glass of water

Is Depression a Side Effect of Your Medication?

Nearly 60 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication daily. And about 200 commonly prescribed medications list depression as a possible side effect. So are the millions of Americans who take prescription medications inevitably sliding into depression? Not necessarily, says Opal Bacon, a clinical pharmacist at Henry Ford …

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