Fitness Tips & Tricks
Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workouts: Pros and Cons

From the ThighMaster to Buns of Steel videos to step aerobics, most workout trends and tools come and go with the times. But for years, one piece of equipment has remained popular with athletes, physical therapists, trainers and other fitness professionals: the medicine ball. They’re pretty similar to old-school balls …

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Understanding Your Health
Dietary Supplement Safety

Supplement Safety: Is Your Multivitamin Really Boosting Your Health?

With the population aging and an increasing number of people facing chronic conditions ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer and autoimmune issues, consumers are increasingly hitting the health food store in search of a magic pill to cure what ails them. About one out of three Americans report …

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Staying Fit
walking for health

10 Ways To Walk Your Way To Better Health

Think walking doesn’t pack as much of a punch as other workouts? Think again. A recent Harvard University study found that 2.5 hours of brisk walking each week could extend your life by up to seven years. Seven years! In fact, research shows that the list of health benefits you …

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Understanding Your Health
4 Facts about Kidney Stones You Need to Know

4 Things You Need to Know About Kidney Stones

You’ve probably heard of kidney stones before. Maybe, you have even had them. If you haven’t had them before, trust us, you don’t want them. There are many factors that contribute to why you may be at higher risk for kidney stones than other people. Knowing some basic information about …

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Being Proactive About Your Health
When to Get Cancer Screenings by Age

When Should I Get My Cancer Screenings? A Guide by Age

Many of us put off doctors’ appointments and routine health exams. But being proactive about your health can prevent serious issues from developing down the line. Case in point: Cancer screenings. “The sooner we catch a cancer, generally, the better the outcome,” says Dawn Severson, M.D., a medical oncologist with …

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Planning Ahead
Advance Directives 101

Advance Directive 101: Your Common Q’s Answered

You’ve probably heard the term advance directive. You may even have one. If you do, you know the peace you experience after making those important decisions about your end-of-life care. If you’ve been putting off your advance directive, now is an excellent time to learn more and then take the …

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Wellness Tips
How to Wake Up and Wind Down the Right Way

Better Sleep: How to Wake Up and Wind Down the Right Way

If you’re like many Americans, your busy life often keeps your mind and body racing all day long. You hit snooze when the alarm sounds, slog through the work day and scroll through social media late into the night in an attempt to quiet your chattering mind. Unfortunately, those activities …

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Healthy Habits
Do you really need 10,000 steps a day?

Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps a Day?

With the explosion of technological ways to measure exercise – fitness trackers, smart watches, and even simple smartphone apps — people are more conscious than ever about how many steps they take daily. And with good reason. Health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the …

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Cancer Screening Info
colonscopy ready

How to Get (Mentally and Physically) Colonoscopy Ready

It’s one of the most dreaded screenings on people’s healthcare to-do lists. Colonoscopy time. Often the anticipation — and a little unpleasantness as you prep — is much worse than the actual test. Here’s why getting over that mental hurdle and getting it done is so important: Colorectal cancer is …

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How laughter helps your heart health; laughing woman

How Laughter Benefits Your Heart Health

When’s the last time you had a good laugh? Not just a little giggle, but the kind of laugh that makes your abdomen hurt or even tears form in your eyes? Not only does laughter make you feel good, but it is proven to have positive effects on your mental …

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