Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Is Your Child Having Nightmares or Night Terrors?

If your child’s nightmares or night terrors are interrupting peaceful nights in your household, you’re not alone. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, one in 10 parents discusses sleep-related concerns with a doctor during their child’s early years. These sleep disturbances can be troubling and scary for everyone, but …

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Weight Loss Tips

Could Sleep Habits Hinder Your Weight Loss Goals?

While it can be difficult to make time in your busy schedule to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, it is important to do so. Not only is sleep essential for your body to function, but too little sleep can affect your health, and even increase …

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Healthy Sleep Habits
Tired man experiencing social jet lag

Do You Have Social Jet Lag? 6 Tips for Better Sleep

With 24/7 work schedules and jam-packed weekend activities, it’s not surprising that nearly two-thirds of Americans report their sleep needs aren’t being met during a typical week. And while you may try to make up for that sleep deficit on the weekend, experts say that isn’t necessarily a sound strategy. …

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Coping with Cancer
cancer treatment and sleep issues

How to Overcome Sleep Issues During Cancer Treatment

It’s no surprise that cancer – and cancer treatment – contribute to a host of side effects ranging from hair loss to nausea. Cancer is a tough disease that transforms bodies and can leave even the strongest of patients feeling weak and defeated. Unfortunately, cancer is also the culprit of …

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Raising Healthy Kids

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

You might think too little shuteye is primarily an adult dilemma, but it turns out many kids are sleep deprived too. When children aren’t sleeping well, they’re more prone to act out and suffer from learning and behavioral problems. Their immune systems may take a hit, too, making them more …

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Understanding Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea Basics: 4 FAQs Answered

If your bed partner complains about your loud snoring—or you frequently wake yourself up with a snort—a condition called sleep apnea could be the culprit. “Sleep apnea is a condition where you briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep,” says Meeta Singh, M.D., a sleep medicine expert at Henry Ford …

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Getting a Good Night's Rest
rare sleep disorders

Do You Have Signs of These Rare Sleep Disorders?

You may have already heard of sleep issues such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia, but lesser known and more rare sleep disorders can also take a toll on a person’s health. In fact, there are more than 80 known sleep disorders interfering with Americans’ ability to get sufficient shuteye. …

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Raising Healthy Kids
Boy playing on tablet who suffers from childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Do You Know The Risks?

The rates of childhood obesity have skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s no wonder. Between busy academic and social calendars and more time spent in front of screens, children are less active than they used to be. They’re also more stressed. The natural outlet for stress is exercise, but with …

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Better Sleep

How to Turn Off Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia

Is this happening to you? You have no trouble falling asleep at bedtime, but come 1 a.m. or so, you’re wide awake again, staring at the clock. It’s called middle-of-the-night insomnia, and it’s frustrating. Interestingly, according to Philip Cheng, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and research scientist at the Sleep Disorders Center …

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Weight Management

Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? You might be able to do it in your sleep. According to Philip Cheng, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and research scientist at the Sleep Disorders and Research Center at Henry Ford Health System, there is a direct link between too little or too much sleep and issues …

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